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  1. What are your shipping options? 
  2. How do I track my order?
  3. Where do you deliver?
  4. Will I have to pay any extra charges at the time of delivery?
  5. What extra charges to expect for my International shipment?



  1. What are your shipping options? 

We offer standard and express shipping options with cheapest shipping rates through all major couriers in Canada and United States, as well as a number of International shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, Purolator, DHL, Canada Post, Canpar, Loomis Express.

 Buy Parts for Construction Equipment with Same Day Shipping from, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, DHL, Canada Post, Canpar, Loomis

All Orders ship Monday to Friday excluding Canadian statutory holidays.

Orders received by 7am EST are typically processed the same day. Orders received after 7am EST weekdays, weekends and holidays are normally processed the next business day.


  1. How do I track my order?

We send you emails to confirm your order and to notify you when your order has shipped. 

- Soon after you place your order, we send you an order confirmation email to verify that your order has been received. In this email you can see: the date you placed your order, your Order Number, shipping method and address, and itemized costs.

- Once we ship your order, we will send you a shipping notification email letting you know that your order is on its way. Shipping notification will include tracking information such as tracking number and link to the courier web-site, where you can track your order by entering the tracking number received in your shipping notification email. Please note tracking information will be available the day after you receive the shipping notification email.

Estimated Delivery Time*

Standard: 2 to 7 Business Days

Express: 1 to 3 Business Days

* Time in transit will vary based on destination postal/zip code, possible delays related to weather and customs clearance procedures for International orders

Important: If your order is late pleasecontact us by email at or use the contact us page and provide your Order Number. It will help us assist with your inquiry quickly.


  1. Where do you deliver?

We deliver to addresses and PO boxes within Canada and United States, as well as to most International destinations*

* If for some reason you are not able to obtain rate and transit time for your International address, please contact us by email at or use the contact us page, so that we can assist with a shipping option for your order.


  1. Will I have to pay any extra charges at the time of delivery? 

For orders made within Canada, there will be no extra charges at the time of delivery. 

For orders sold and shipped to the United States:

  • Orders valued under <2,500 US$ - no additional charges will be applied. This type of imports is considered as informal entry, designated for personal importations and does not need to be cleared by a customs bond.
  • Orders valued over >2,500 US$ - need to be cleared by a customs bond. This type of entry is used for commercial importations and may be subjected to Duties and/or Taxes, Brokerage Fees and/or Handling fees. To estimate import rates and duties please visit the official US Harmonized Tariff Schedule” Harmonized Tariff Schedule Search or you can also use SimplyDuty - Duty and Tax Calculation Made Simple and calculate your Import Duty and Tax there.


  1. What extra charges to expect for my International shipment?

International shipments may involve such extra charges as Duties, Taxes and Fees.

Shipments outside Canada are treated as International shipments. It is the customer's responsibility to pay all the applicable duties, taxes, & brokerage fees imposed on the import shipments by the government of the receiving country.

A "commercial invoice" will be enclosed with your order. It will contain all the necessary information for a proper tax assessment.

DUTY: Also known as a tariff, Duty is a special kind of tax that you pay to the government of your/receiving country when you import goods. Duties can be imposed to help protect the local industry, making it more difficult for foreign manufacturers to compete with your local manufacturers. Duty rates can vary from 0% (duty free) to 20%, depending on the type of goods. Want to be extra sure? You can call or visit the web-site of the Border Information Service for your/receiving country to check about the duty on a particular item from your order. 

FEES: Brokerage and Handling fees are not imposed by the receiving country or by Big Parts.CA, but by a courier company (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS/Canada Post, or other). The courier company is charging you for providing customs service for you: being your agent when "clearing" your parcel across the border.